31 Days of Being Real: Day 8 - Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 8

A lot of home educators do weekly wrap-up posts, and (most weeks!) I do, too. The format I follow, created by my blogging friend Q over at Napalm in the Morning, is called "Discipleship Deliberation." I've always been "real" in my weekly deliberations, so I thought it perfectly sensible to kill two birds with one stone by using today's wrap-up post as today's 31 Days post, too! Look for other deliberations like this on Saturdays, this month and beyond.


The week in general ~
...was a bit of an anxious one as I was anticipating today's family photo shoot. But I feel good about how we've started the month in our home learning endeavors and how I made the best of a tricky situation with one of my household responsibilities.

In our studies this week ~
We finished Lesson 15 in Mystery of History (MOH), thus covering the history that occurred through the end of the "timeline" in Genesis (i.e., through Joseph, whose brothers conspired against him in about 1728 BC). So on Thursday, in addition to doing our timeline and Book of Centuries for the week, we constructed a family tree of the biblical patriarchs, a time-consuming task but one the girls enjoyed. And next week, we'll take a break from MOH to do the Genesis page in The Picture Smart Bible.

After taking off from Math-U-See (MUS) for a few weeks to begin the Life of Fred series (which the girls absolutely love!), we jumped back into MUS, and that has gone well. I also tried the Dianne Craft spelling technique with both girls, in addition to continuing with All About Spelling and was impressed that it seems to have worked!

Using Artistic Pursuits, an art curriculum we've enjoyed for three years now, Jeff led the girls through two different art lessons, one on Seurat and one on Cezanne. They did some pretty impressive pointillism and still life work, didn't they?

In other areas of study: We wrapped up our Day 3 of Creation studies (Land & Plants) and launched into Day 4, The Universe. Rachel completed and shared her latest book project, for The Year of Miss Agnes. Abigail finished reading her latest book, Stone Fox, and will start a project on Monday.

What needs some tweaking ~
On Wednesday and Friday, our studies seemed to go on for too long even though everyone was being diligent. I need to figure out if there's anything I can do about that - so that, at the very least, such days are a rarity and don't become the norm.

My own discipleship ~
I've been dealing with some relational disappointments over the past couple of weeks - trying to figure things out. In the process, I was grateful to be able to talk by phone with one of my best friends - and a true Titus 2 woman in my life. My concerns are still there, but talking with her helped me to put things in some perspective.

The best thing about the week ~
...was seeing Anna out on the ice for her first-ever skating lesson! We've dragged her to the rink with us since she was a baby, and she's been asking since she was three when she'd get to skate. I couldn't have wiped the smile off her face if I'd tried...and she did really well.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
I'm enjoying the 31 Days project this month, though finding an interesting "being real" topic has sometimes been a challenge (as has finding time to write each day!). Check out these links for any you might have missed:

Something to share ~
Baby Leah is now combat-crawling everywhere and is on the cusp of real crawling. We did some baby-proofing last weekend to give her more (safe) freedom to move, after which she discovered that she absolutely loves the cat toys (and Sweater, one of our three cats), as well as the stick we put in our patio door. Never mind the dozens of baby toys scattered around my house; they're old news now!


My online friend, Q, started this home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've really enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, check for her current deliberation, review her guidelines, and link up.


To read other 31 Day blogs and/or join in yourself, visit Nesting Place.

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