Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 10


The week in general ~
...could have been better from a personal perspective, as noted below.

In our studies this week ~
After enjoying a short fall break at the end of last week, we had our monthly "enrichment day" on Monday - taking a break from our usual studies for some special math and geography review, a composer study (on Haydn), and some cooking practice (making French toast). Then, on Tuesday through Thursday, we were back to our usual routine - but that was sidetracked on Friday when I "hit a wall" and needed to take a day off. Of course, the girls didn't complain about that, and they were so sweet about giving me time to rest while they also enjoyed almost three hours outside on an uncharacteristically warm November afternoon.

What needs some tweaking ~
Me! I haven't been exercising regularly, eating well, or getting enough sleep. Even more telling, I haven't been spending regular time with the Lord. And so I'm a bit of a wreck, to say the least. I know, though, what needs doing in order to reverse these recent trends in my life. And - with my admittedly OCD tendencies in mind - the perfect opportunity now stands before me: tomorrow (Sunday, November 6) marks exactly eight weeks until the start of a new calendar year...which conveniently starts on the first day of a new week.

I found that I really liked blogging for 31 days straight in October and, in my wrap-up post for that project, I noted that I might employ a similar technique to help myself with specific areas of personal growth. And so, though I don't intend to write about it every day - instead, I'll plan to do one or two weekly updates - or to write exclusively about it for the next several weeks, I'm going to take the occasion of being eight weeks from a Sunday-starting new year to embark on a new personal journey:

I've got specific, measurable goals in mind, about which I'll write tomorrow. And then my hope is that having a publicly-announced plan will motivate me to follow through...the same as having my 31 Days project in October motivated me to write every day.

My own discipleship ~
We're in a holding pattern with issues at our church - just biding our time until November 20, and hoping and praying for the ordained and elected leaders to make wise, truly God-honoring decisions in the meantime. And I'm personally endeavoring to be a Titus 2 woman in the waiting process - all the more reason to get on track with spiritual wellness! - seeking the right balance between discretion and transparency.

The best thing about the week ~
...was when Abigail announced on Thursday that her concussion-induced headache has completely disappeared! This has been a long-standing issue, as she suffered the concussion while wrestling with my husband back on March 8, and had a severe headache for several weeks afterward. It's been much better in the last couple of months - on a scale of one to 10, her pain has only been a two recently - but it was still a relief to finally hear her pain-free declaration.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
If you stopped by earlier in the week, you may have seen a couple of 30 Days of Thanks posts I wrote. But you may also have noticed that I haven't made that type of post in a couple of days and that the first two have been deleted. That's because, while it's certainly a laudable goal to consciously consider things for which we are grateful - the girls and I will continue to assemble our 30 Days of Thanks illustrated books - I found that simply cataloguing our brief thoughts and pictures didn't make for particularly original or compelling writing. So, instead of doing one post of that sort each day, I'll consider publishing summaries at some point later this month.

Something to share ~

Fall in Wisconsin:

My online friend, Q, started this home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've really enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, check for her current deliberation, review her guidelines, and link up.

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