Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 11


The week in general ~
...didn't turn out as we'd planned.

Last Saturday, one of our new little kittens unexpectedly went into heat and, because her brother was not yet neutered, we realized we could have a problem on our hands. We'd previously had spay/neuter appointments set for December 5, but that wouldn't work anymore! So I scrambled on Monday and eventually found a clinic that could do the surgeries on Tuesday...but, given that the kittens would need to be under observation (and take pain pills) for several days, the girls and I ended up staying home instead of going to my sister-in-law's for a weekend-long Thanksgiving celebration. But Jeff still went for the sake of family unity, so we're apart for the holiday. The girls and I are homebodies, and today Jeff is enjoying a stroll through The Art Institute of Chicago at his pace, not that of the girls, but it's still weird not being together on a holiday.

In our studies this week ~
We really only did a normal amount of formal bookwork on Monday - including Abigail's book project for her latest title, Smasher - and then tied up a few loose ends on Tuesday. The girls' friend Hallie was here on Wednesday, and we did a couple of Thanksgiving-related activities, but it was better to let them play since they only see each other once every few months. They continue to work on their 30 Days of Thanks booklets and, on Thursday, we read a couple of neat Pilgrim-and-Indian themed books. In fact, we may read one more today and possibly do a craft activity. But there's no doubt that structured learning has been put on the back burner for the week!

What needs some tweaking ~
I did not actually launch the "Eight Weeks of Wellness" plan I'd had in mind a few weeks ago...nor anything similar since. That's not for lack of desire to see some changes within myself...but, frankly, I've been stuck in a pity-party rut and have allowed my negative feelings to trump that and even my knowledge that it's God's desire to pick me up outta here. I've simply not cooperated with what I know to be right and true and good! Thus, I personally still need "tweaking" - or, in some areas, even radical surgery.

It's now just a little more than four weeks before Christmas and five before the start of a new year; I'd really like to celebrate both events in a better place than I am now. So I've got some work ahead of me.

My own discipleship ~
I struggled with jealousy this week, too - yeah, I'm just a piece o' work, aren't I? I didn't win a Homeschool Blog Award, so I've had to wrestle with bitterness toward those who did (in fact, my Mrs. Hyde nature didn't even want to post this link!). In addition, I've had to confront my own motivation for wanting to win - did I really want it as a launching pad to potential ministry, or was it more about tootin' my own horn? I don't think my struggles necessarily mean I shouldn't ever enter a contest again...but they do show me that I have a lot to work on within my spirit!

The best thing about the week ~
...was the visit to my church from the denomination's mediation team. Without going into too many details at this point, I can at least say that the team's report to us last Sunday gave me hope for the first time in over a month. The situation is still unresolved, and it'll probably take until after Christmas for the team's initial recommendation, let alone full resolution. And there's no guarantee that restoration and reconciliation will be the ultimate result. But I at least finally have some hope that the outside, objective eyes of these seemingly wise, godly men will bring about justice and healing.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
Did you know that a cat's heat cycle is situational? In other words - and in contrast to some other animals - if Sapphire hadn't been living with an unaltered male (in this case, her biological brother, Prince!), she would not have gone into heat before her originally-scheduled spay day. But God has set cats' cycles such that the mere presence of an intact male will get things going...which sure goes a long way toward explaining why there are so many stray cats, doesn't it? As much as I've learned about felines over the years, that was a new one to me. And there's your biology lesson for the day!

Something to share ~
Three-fifths of our feline population, from front to back: Prince, Sapphire, and their "babysitter," Grandpa Clawde. Too bad the chair wouldn't accommodate Sweater and Sparkle, though I doubt we could have convinced Sparkle to participate anyway.


My online friend, Q, started this home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've really enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, check for her current deliberation, review her guidelines, and link up.

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Kimberly said...

I'm sorry you didn't win the blog award, yours is very inspirational to me. I love your honesty, the pictures, what you share about your homeschool, and your cats.

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