Homeschool Blog Awards - Time to Chime In!

I was very thankful to discover earlier in the week that I've been nominated for five different Homeschool Blog Awards this year - my first-ever foray into a contest such as this. As I noted last month, I would love to win one if possible, not so much for the prizes (though many do seem wonderful) but, instead, as a means of getting my blog "out there" to more of the homeschooling community - which I feel is probably my main target audience in terms of the public speaking/professional writing ministry I feel God eventually has in store for me. If I don't win, that's fine - having taken a look at a number of the other nominated blogs, that might be a tall order at this point - but it's worth a shot.

But, with that in mind, would you please consider clicking here to vote for this blog - Being Made New - as BEST ENCOURAGER? Of the categories for which I was nominated and based on feedback I've received from readers over the past three years, that one seems to best suit me. And, since I can only win in one category, it seems best to concentrate on one nomination. Thanks!

I also nominated several of my bloggy friends' work in some of the other categories. So, if you've got time and are in the mood, I encourage you to check out each of these wonderful sites and consider voting for them as well:

You needn't be a homeschooler or a blogger to vote; you simply need to have online access and a willingness to support this blog (and others you might enjoy).

Voting will continue through next Friday, November 18,
at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.

A Note about the Voting Links:
They have been "glitchy" at different times since they were posted - meaning that sometimes you can get through to vote and sometimes not. If you get a message for any link here that says "Thanks for Voting," can you please bookmark this post and try again later? Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's a known issue with the site and nothing I can change.



Stacie said...

Congrats on the nominations, Tina!!

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

It's nice to be nominated, isn't it? This is the third year I've made it to the voting stage, but I don't imagine that I'll ever win. I do get to meet a lot of people and get new followers, though, so the exposure is great.

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