Beautiful Christmas Girls

I've been wanting to post these beautiful Christmas pictures of "my girls" - my two daughters and the two girls for whom I babysit - for a couple of weeks now.

But I had to wait because the pictures were our Christmas gift to Anna and Leah's family this year, and I didn't want their parents to see them here before they saw their own framed copies. Since that happened on Friday - because Anna was begging to have her dress for a celebration with extended family this weekend and I couldn't very well explain the dresses to her mom without showing her why I'd purchased them! - I'm finally free to show off my gorgeous girls.

We had these done at Picture People, and I have to say that, though we also have a wonderful personal photographer, I intend to patronize them again in the future. The photographer was very upbeat - and obviously talented! - working hard to keep Leah, who is in that "stranger anxiety phase," from crying while also getting the other girls to look their best in every shot. And we were given 22 poses from which to choose - many more options than I've ever received from commercial photographers anywhere else - at extremely competitive prices. In fact, I was seriously tempted to get multiple copies of every one!

This is my last year with Anna before she heads off to traditional kindergarten in the fall. I'm so glad I was able to capture her last Christmas with us - and Leah's first - in a special way.


For the record, this is not a "review blog," and I have not received any remuneration or other compensation for singing the praises of Picture People; I just want to give credit where it's due for a job well done.


Worthy of the Prize said...

Great pics!! I took the boys to Picture People last spring and was VERY pleased with the pictures, the price and the photographer! I would definitely go there again. :)

Paula Zuelke said...

We love Picture People too! We've gone there for years.

Homeschooling6 said...

Oh, they all look so lovely and cute. That was very kind of you to take all the girls picture. Very sweet.

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