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Yesterday I finally got our Christmas cards in the mail - no small feat considering that, though we'd faithfully done a card every year for most of our married life, we got too busy the last couple of years to manage it. But we still enjoyed hearing from many on our Christmas card list and thought often of them all. And we heard from many that they missed our missives, so we determined this year to fix our seasonal faux paus.

But, in order to catch up with us, we made our readers work a bit! That’s right – there was a quiz! Of course, we also provided an answer key…and even an opportunity for rewards at the end. And, as this year's Christmas greeting to my virtual friends, I wanted to offer you the same quiz - to see how well you really know my family and me - as well as the same opportunity for rewards.

So grab a piece of paper to keep track of your responses using one or more of the possible correct answers - Jeff, Tina, Rachel, Abigail, Clawde, Sweater, Sparkle, Grandpa - for each question. Then check yourself using the key below and award yourself one point for each correct name given per question – for a total of 35 points in all. Make sense?

Okay! So, without further ado, can you can decide who among us:
  • (1) traveled to Kansas City MO; Salt Lake City UT; Terre Haute IN; Chicago IL; London,England; Kandy, Sri Lanka; Port of Spain, Trinidad; and MalĂ© in the Maldives – all in a day’s work;
  • (2) studied world geography until June and then ancient history from August through the end of the year;
  • (3) suffered a concussion that took seven months to heal;
  • (4) celebrated her double-digit birthday;
  • (5) began administrating the work of a full-time missionary couple;
  • (6) enjoyed a great vacation week at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp;
  • (7) got braces;
  • (8) celebrated his 76th birthday;
  • (9) enjoyed a special couple’s 50th wedding anniversary;
  • (10) hosted the 9th annual MissionGuides Golf Outing;
  • (11) participated in several extra-curriculars: swim lessons, ice skating, dance class, Vacation Bible Camp, choir, and piano lessons;
  • (12) got new kittens, siblings who were promptly named Prince and Sapphire;
  • (13) adjusted to the kittens in a matter of days;
  • (14) visited the Art Institute of Chicago and other Windy City sites;
  • (15) continues to serve on worship team, as both a vocalist and “video tech;”
  • (16) loves crafting of all sorts, especially origami;
  • (17) counts it a joy to babysit for five-year old Anna and her sister, nine-month old Leah;
  • (18) is a budding artist and pianist;
  • (19) tries to be patient while waiting to be old enough for voice lessons;
  • (20) loves Facebook and blogging.

The answers are coming up,
so be sure you've got all your guesses before scrolling further!



1. Jeff (J); 2. Tina (T), R, A; 3. A; 4. R; 5. J;

6. J, T, R, A; 7. R; 8. Grandpa, Clawde (C); 9. J, T, R, A; 10. J;

11. R, A; 12. R, A; 13. C, Sweater, Sparkle; 14. J; 15. T;

16. A; 17. T, R, A; 18. R; 19. A; 20. T.


How’d you do? Do you know us as well as you thought you did? Feeling the need for some extra credit?

Well, you can earn one bonus point – bringing the highest possible total score to 40 – for each of these interactive activities:
  • signing up to officially subscribe to or follow this blog, Being Made New, if you don't already;
  • sending me a good, "old-fashioned" email (using the link in the sidebar)!

But it gets even better! This quiz gave you a snapshot of our year, which may be more than enough of a review for you. But you can get more details about each question by visiting my Christmas Letter Fun post.

AND, if you leave a comment there with your quiz score, you’ll be entered into two giveaways – one sponsored by Jeff and MissionGuides, and one sponsored by me. No kidding! Giveaways with a Christmas letter!

So get your bonus points, add up your total, and head on over to try for a prize. I’ll trust you to tell the truth…because winning the giveways doesn’t depend on your score, just on leaving a comment by December 31.


All that said, I realize that Christmas is not at all about “stuff.” In fact, it’s not even about greeting friends and family, no matter how dear. I'm just having some fun with you in this digital age we’re all trying to navigate.

Of course, the truth is that Christmas is all about God’s love for us as demonstrated through the Incarnation: Jesus’ bodily entrance into this world, which we celebrate at this time of year. I'm so thankful for the freedom to mark the occasion, and I hope you’ll join with me in doing the same.


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