The Fed-Up Homeschooler's Wish List

Oh, my goodness! This video is BRILLIANT...and well-produced and hilarious, to boot! If you educate your kids at home, you must watch this. I know you'll feel compelled to share it.

And, if you've chosen something other than homeschooling for your kids, please take some time to honestly consider the validity of these points - and whether you may have been guilty of perpetuating the stereotypes. Your homeschooling friends and acquaintances will thank you if you simply acknowledge that you've been mistaken...and we (probably) won't even make you grovel.

Isn't that awesome?!

As I said, I love this whole video. However, I would make one change/addition - not as a criticism but simply born from the fact that, contrary to the author of the source piece for the video, I (and many others) do, indeed, homeschool (to one degree or another) for "religious" reasons. So I'd add a screen that says:

Stop assuming you really know what it means when someone says they do homeschool for "'religious' reasons." And stop acting as if you expect us to apologize for it. Our faith convictions are real and deep, and we're not lesser people because of them. You don't have to agree with us, but you do need to let us raise our children as we see fit. They're not your kids; they're ours.
What do you think? Would you add to or change anything in the video? Have you experienced the types of bias it illustrates? Have you been guilty of bias? Are you willing to reconsider?


Kellie said...

That was an awesome video!! I have some I would love to snow it to! It's sad that in my 2 very short years of homeschooling how much critism I have gotten! And most of it has come from people at church! I have ladies coming up trying to point out things about my children wondering if I have noticed. One example I had a lady of the church come up and ask "did you know that Seth will mix up his b's and d's when he is writng???" Of course I answered "why of course and did you know that from the research I have done that is very normal for a 1st grader to do??" I wanted to say "I bet your grandson (who is the same age) does the same thing." But I didn't...I'm too nice. I also have ones that automatically think that since I homeschool then I must look down on them and think inadequate of them because they don't! UGH!! I will be the first to tell you there are moms out there that have no business homeschooling! As inadequate as public school may be...those kids are better off there. LOL!!

It is frustrating though! And it has really hurt my hubby and me that we have gotten so much critism from people of our church! We are the only homeschooling family in our church right now. We have thought about changing churches...but don't know if that would be a good reason to do so...we would probably find it in most churchs unfortunately and that is sad!

but thanks for posting the video! It was good! And I definately agree with the one that you added :-)

Jennifer said...

I love this! I think the one that gets on my nerves the most -- after the socializing and socialization one -- is the one where people say "I could never do that" as if it were a compliment, when the implication is really "I bet you can't either!"

If you don't mind, I think I'll share your post on my blog ... I have lots of home educating friends who would enjoy it, too.

MG said...

How about this one Tina? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJHt-m3VX6o&feature=relmfu I thought it was HILARIOUS. The tight AWANA vest really did me in!! My two older boys have theirs on EVERY Wednesday. Wondered over from THL, thanks for sharing!

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