Living Well Blog Hop: Week 26

Welcome to the Living Well Blog Hop! We’d like to invite you to share a blog post about what you do to "live well." It could be a healthy recipe, exercise tips, ideas for relaxing or getting organized, lifestyle improvements – anything you feel makes your life better.

Your Living Well hosts for the week are:

Please abide by our Living Well Blog Hop guidelines:
  1. Please provide a link back to one of the Living Well host blogs in your post. And also grab the button below if you'd like;
  2. Please link to a specific post in your blog, not your blog’s home page;
  3. If you link a recipe, please use real foods and avoid highly processed ingredients. Recipes low in refined sugar/refined carbohydrates are preferred;
  4. Be aware that the hosts of the blog hop reserve the right to remove any posts we deem inappropriate;
  5. Linked posts need not be new posts;
  6. Please leave a comment below to tell us a little more about your link. If you don't have a blog, leave a comment to share what you've done to live well this week.
    Living Well Blog Hop

    Thanks for joining us in Living Well.

1 comment:

Stealthy Mom said...

Thank you for hosting this link-up! I shared a couple of recipes that are related... it was hard to kick the canned mushroom soup habit. My Chicken and Mushroom sauce recipe is just as easy as the old soupy standby, but much healthier and better tasting. The Easy Beef and Potato Pie uses no canned things, and the crust is made with flaxseed and olive oil instead of lard or shortening.

Have a great weekend!

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