Discipleship Deliberation: March, 2012

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The month in general ~
We weren't necessarily excited about March because Jeff went on a 10-day missions trip to Malawi. We always miss him when he's gone, and I can get easily tired out by having to play "single parent" for an extended period of time. I also worried that his return would be delayed, as very often happens, and that we might be socked with extreme winter weather in his absence - as we were last March when he went to Trinidad and we endured a 17-inch snowstorm.

We did get our largest snowfall of the season early in the month, shortly before he left.

However, God chose to bless us with an early, glorious taste of summer while Jeff was away. In fact, our temperatures were in the seventies and low eighties the whole time! We still missed him, and I still got tired - especially in the evenings - but the sunny, warm weather made the time go much faster and brightened all our moods.

In our studies this month ~
Even when Anna and Leah were away on their spring break the last week of the month, we worked hard to stick to our studies in anticipation of our next Sabbath Week the first week of April. Among other things, we had a great time dissecting flowers and taking a trip to Heritage Hill to make woven bookmarks.

Then, after Jeff got home, the girls shared their latest book projects.

What needs some tweaking ~
Nothing in terms of our home learning efforts; we're in a really good place in terms of all that. I'm still in need of consistency in regards to a personal situation, but I've got plans to tackle that head on beginning April 1.

One of the best things about the month ~
...was welcoming Jeff home on time!

My own discipleship ~
My Rachel is nearly 11, and I'm beginning to see some very obvious signs of pre-pubescent changes in her emotions and way of thinking. It's hard to see her feeling the hormone-induced angst, but I'm so thankful that the Lord has very obviously been directing my interactions with her. I'm bound and determined to "be there" for my girls at this phase of their lives as much as I was when they were little, and I know I'm going to need to choose to be Spirit-led in order to manage that.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
Last week, I suddenly realized that - about six weeks after I apparently pinched a nerve in my neck - my thumb was no longer numb! I still have sporadic tingling, but it's much less intense than it was and it's limited to my hand instead of racing all the way up and down my arm. I'm still visiting my chiropractor to finish the healing process, but I am so thankful to be feeling so much better!

Something to share ~
We had two visits from M., the little two-month old baby I'll start caring for full-time the first week of April. She's very smiley, and seems to be pretty easy-going. She's also very strong and will likely be an early mover, which will be a great help to me in terms of juggling everyone's needs. My girls and Anna were smitten, and Leah was very curious, but she didn't seem quite sure that she's ready to give up being "our baby."


My online friend, Q, started a weekly home education-related review she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, check for her most recent deliberation, review her guidelines, and link up.

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