Easter 2012: A Mini-Unit Study

A few years ago, I put together a two-week Easter Unit Study for my daughters, who were then six and seven, and the little girls I babysat at time, who were two and a half and almost three. My girls are now nine and 10, and I am currently caring for three other children: a five and a half year old (the same girl who was two and a half when we did the original study), her 13-month old sister, and a two-month old little girl from a different family.

I purposely arranged for our second Sabbath Week of this calendar year to correspond to Easter week so we could focus our attention on preparing to celebrate this coming Sunday's anniversary of Jesus' resurrection. Even though I didn't want to do anything too involved because this is our Sabbath Week, I'd intended to put together something different from what we've done before; however, my girls still really enjoy the foundation of that earlier study, our set of Resurrection Eggs. In fact, they specifically requested that we do activities related to the eggs so I'm obliging them, but making some adjustments from the original study.

Of course, the baby is not old enough to participate, and neither is the toddler just yet. So these plans are just for the five-year old and my girls. Since we're only taking one week and because the girls are all older, I've compressed the egg activities into four days, three a day for Monday through Thursday, so the five-year can see all the eggs opened before starting her Easter mini-break on Friday. I also aimed to use mostly resources we already have at home in order to make my planning easier.

Each day, we'll sing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (using The Kids Hymnal and CD), open three eggs, read the corresponding Scripture passages (Rachel, Abigail, and I will each read one passage a day), and discuss how the objects in the eggs relate to the Easter narrative. Then we'll move on to the other activities, including optional coloring sheets from Bible Story Coloring Pages #2 as applicable since all the girls like to color. I'll also read one or two Easter-themed picture books during lunch each day.

Egg 1 (little plastic donkey) with Matthew 21:1-9
Egg 2 (three silver coins) with Matthew 26:14-16, 46-50; 27:1-5
Egg 3 (Passover cup) with Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28 and Exodus 12:12

ACTIVITIES: "Jesus Enters Jerusalem" and/or "Jesus Eats a Last Meal" coloring sheet; Money Sorting activity; and eat fresh bread as a morning snack

In the Money Sorting activity, the older girls will be given various denominations of coins and will have to add them together to find the totals. They'll repeat this several times. The younger girl will be given a pile of various coins, will count them all, and will then sort them according to denomination and count the numbers of coins in each category.
DVD (optional): The Ten Commandments

Read-aloud over lunch

Egg 4 (praying hands) with Mark 14:32-42
Egg 5 (leather whip) with John 19:1-15
Egg 6 (crown of thorns) with Matthew 27:29-31

ACTIVITIES: Day 3 (modified), Day 5, and Day 6 from A Sense of the Resurrection
Instead of doing the Day 3 activity as described, we'll use multi-colored tissue paper to either make crosses on poster board or sun catchers. We'll do the Day 5 (vinegar) and Day 6 (illustrating a nail scar) activities as written.
DVD (optional): The Miracles of Jesus

Read-aloud over lunch

Egg 7 (nails in the shape of a cross) with John 19:16-22
Egg 8 (dice for gambling) with John 19:23-25
Egg 9 (soldier's spear) with John 19:31-37

ACTIVITIES: Make a cross using perler beads and Dice Math activity

In the Dice Math activity, a child will roll two dice and use the results to make a multiplication or addition problem (depending on age and ability). The older girls will do several multiplication problems from memory. The younger girl will do addition and can use counters as needed since she has just recently begun to learn her addition facts and doesn't yet know them all.

Read-aloud over lunch

Egg 10 (linen wrapping) with Matthew 27:57-61
Egg 11 (stone at the tomb) with Matthew 28:1-3
Egg 12 (empty tomb) with Matthew 28:1-9

ACTIVITIES: Empty Tomb craft and "Jesus Rises from the Dead" coloring sheet

Read-aloud over lunch

Send home Easter baskets for all three Teachers' Tots kids

FRIDAY, APRIL 6 (no Teachers' Tots kids)
Color Easter eggs
DVD (optional): The Kingdom of Heaven
Good Friday church service

SATURDAY, APRIL 7 (no Teachers' Tots kids)
Easter egg hunt

SUNDAY, APRIL 8 (no Teachers' Tots kids)
Easter baskets
Easter church service
Traditional Easter dinner at home

This is a very simple unit, but I believe it'll effectively help us all to both rest and focus on Jesus in a special way this week.

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