Homeschool Stat Summary

Over the last few years, I've seen several research studies quantifying some of the many benefits of home education. Today I happened upon this inspiring graphic compilation of some of that research - an easy way to catch a glimpse of why so many of us who homeschool are so confident in our choice:

Homeschool Domination

Created by: College At Home


Q said...

LOVE that maturity stat, and really love that the children of parents that are not certified teacher do even the tiniest bit better than those of certified teachers.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

I homeschooled all seven of my kids until high school. They attended high school for the extra curricular activities, which they all enjoyed. They all graduated from high school at the very top of their classes. They have all either graduated from college or are in the middle of it. Was homeschool a help to them in their lives? In every way. We loved homeschool and while I would have preferred homeschooling them in high school they choose to be on the football team/cheerleading squad/marching band/theater/etc. Academically high school wasn't much of a challenge to any of them, but they did enjoy the after school activities.

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