Discipleship Deliberation: May, 2012

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Hard to believe we're already more than a week into June - I am still wondering where May went! But here, before we get further into this month, is a summary of the last.

The month in general ~
May is birthday month around here! First Abigail turned 10 early in the month, and Rachel turned 11 a couple weeks later. In between, we celebrated their special days - and Grandpa's 77th birthday - with our annual birthday shindig.

In our studies this month ~
We took a Sabbath Week to prepare for the girls' party, and I always let them take their actual birthdays off, too. But we worked diligently the rest of the month. Besides all our regular studies, we enjoyed an outing to see a Junie B. Jones stage production and the girls had their choir concert.

What needs some tweaking ~
When I went to tackle my semi-annual "Super Momma Mega-Clean" in the girls' bedroom and playroom right before their birthday party, I discovered that they hadn't been doing quite as well as I'd thought they were with their weekly cleaning. Turns out, they'd been shoving lots of stuff into their closet and under their beds. Not unusual for children their ages, of course, but I hope making them take time away from playing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon will motivate them to do better because I'd like to avoid scenes like this in the future!

One of the best things about the month ~
...was taking Rachel to have her Phase 1 braces - including headgear - removed. The dentist, Dr. Meredith (on the left), marveled that the process of correcting her severe overbite took less than a year. Credit for that goes to Rachel for diligently wearing her headgear every night and to the Lord for rewarding her faithfulness with quick results. Rachel has always had a beautiful smile; now it's healthy, too.

My own discipleship ~
On Memorial Day weekend, I took a much-needed mini-retreat. I just went to an area hotel, and it only lasted for 36 hours, but it did me a world a good. I was sorely in need of quiet, rest, and time alone and with the Lord.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
I'm still working on the situations that need adjustment in my personal life. I hope to provide more information on all of that very soon.

Something to share ~
Leah, the toddler I babysit, is an incredibly sweet, easy-going girl. She adds joy to our days, and is rarely difficult in any way. This month she spent a lot of time "reading," and she discovered the toy kitchen utensils in the playroom. In fact, she spent much contented time each day simply carrying around handfuls of forks and spoons.

My online friend, Q, started a weekly home education-related review she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, check for her most recent deliberation, review her guidelines, and link up.


Stacie said...

Hi Tina,

I feel ya--where did May go??? So much of this post paralells my own life. I've been doing deep cleaning, and my oldest daughter completed phase 1 of orthodontic treatment, too! Shegot her braces off the week of Mother's day.

Happy (belated) birthday to your girls!!!!!

Homeschooling6 said...

We have two birthdays in one month as well but in Sept. Annette turns 12 on the 23rd and Caleb 11 on the 29th. Happy Birthday to your girls =) I too have an major overbite but mine is caused by the straightning of the teeth. I had horribly crooked teeth. Now I have to have surgery to fix the overbite. I can't wait because it's so hard to eat!!!

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