Creation Science Hall of Fame - My Nomination

No, I've not been nominated for the Creation Science Hall of Fame (CSHF); I am passionate about upholding all of God's Word, including Genesis, but I obviously have no credentials to warrant that. However, I did nominate someone - Dr. Ben Carson, well-known pediatric neurosurgeon and philanthropist - and my nomination was accepted. Thus, Dr. Carson is now listed in the Honorable Mention category on the hall of fame's website, and that puts him in the running for possible future induction in the actual CSHF. To read my nomination statement, go here and scroll down to #44.

Of course, I hope you do more than that. This website contains a wealth of biographical information about past and present proponents of creation science and ought to be bookmarked and visited often by all who value God's Word in its entirety, as well as those who want to demonstrate that the theory of evolution really isn't accepted by "every scientist." The men and women listed throughout the site certainly haven't checked their brains at the church door; they are brilliant scientists and thinkers who have not only excelled in their particular fields of study but who have also been wise enough to see through the lie of the theory of evolution. And it's about time they're recognized somewhere, particularly as persecution of creation science proponents grows. As Nick Lally, chairman of the CSHF board of directors, told me in our recent conversation, "In today's world, our creationists must be recognized because it encourages others and plants plenty of 'seeds' for Christ."

So grab a cup of coffee, and take some time to browse the site. I think you'll be happily surprised at and encouraged by some of the names you'll find, especially among Deceased Inductees since their belief in creation science has been deleted from modern textbooks even as their scientific accomplishments are still recognized and used. And, if you know of someone - living or dead - who should be nominated, please don't hesitate to do so, using the stated nomination procedure. I don't personally know Dr. Carson; I'd heard of his medical work in the past and was impressed to learn recently of his unequivocal support for creation science, even in the face of criticism among his peers. So, when I discovered the CSHF, I felt strongly that he deserved to be there, and Mr. Lally and the board agreed. You can do the same for strong creation science advocates with whom you're acquainted. The more the merrier!

By the way, I have not received any form of compensation or remuneration for writing this post and/or promoting the CSHF. This is not a "review blog," so, with rare exception, the endorsements I give simply flow from my desire to inform my readers of what I believe to be "good stuff."

Photo Credits: Creation Science Hall of Fame and  Gifted Hands: About Dr. Ben Carson

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