International Homeschool Spirit Week

This week has been designated as "International Homeschool Spirit Week" - the first-ever of what has been billed as an event slated for the last week of September every year. Yes, it's a marketing tool for several homeschool-friendly companies. But, as a capitalist, I see nothing wrong with that; after all, businesses need to promote themselves to succeed...and, besides, no purchase is necessary to participate in the activities. And it's also an opportunity to promote homeschooling itself and to build unity among home educators around the globe.

My girls don't have any desire to attend institutional school - a conviction they reaffirmed to me over the last couple of weeks when we had occasion to visit one of the most beautiful elementary schools in the area - and they certainly don't feel they're "missing out" on activities common in such schools. So our participation hasn't been about saying, "Oh, 'regular' schools have spirit weeks; we should, too." Instead, for our family, we've simply taken advantage of a widely-promoted event to celebrate homeschooling with some simple, silly activities.

Of course, true to the independent nature of most homeschoolers, we did a bit of tweaking with the suggested schedule of events. For starters, we'd just wrapped up a wonderful but tiring three-day art seminar at the end of last week, which left us more interested in staying home on Monday morning than in venturing out for the designated "Homeschool Away from Home Day." So we counted the art seminar, and then piano lessons and a homeschool association board meeting on Monday afternoon, as well as a previously-planned field trip with friends to an apple orchard on Tuesday morning as our participation in that activity.

And then, since this also happened to be one of our regularly-scheduled Sabbath Weeks from regular bookwork, we joined in with Tuesday's scheduled "Comfy Cozy Day" by hanging out in pajamas all week whenever we had nowhere else to go. In this picture - taken at 11:30 Monday morning after Leah, who's had a cold all week, crashed out in my lap in the midst of the girls' piano practice - you can see Rachel's pajama-clad leg, a frequent sight throughout the week.

Wednesday was "Crazy Socks Day," which was easier to do right along with everyone else.

And then came Thursday's "Mismatch Day." Rachel loved it, and stayed in her interesting combination all day. But - true to her personality - Abigail merely endured it for a picture before changing into one of her usual, well-coordinated ensembles.

Finally, today is "Twin Day" - for which the girls have a built-in propensity. After all, many people think they're twins anyway, and they actually enjoy dressing alike.

It'll be interesting to see what theme days the event's organizers come up with for next year. My girls hope for "Crazy Hair Day," as well a book-reading marathon day and a movie-watching day. If you were in charge, what days would you designate?

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