Mr. Stebbing Comes to Town!

When my girls were preschoolers and I'd just joined my local homeschool association, renowned artist-to-homeschoolers, Barry Stebbing, came to town for one of his three-day art seminars. I didn't know anything about Mr. Stebbing at the time, but I already knew my girls were picture-smart, and I lamented the fact that they were too young to participate, especially after hearing rave reviews from those whose kids had attended.

Fast forward about six years, and our group once again had the privilege of hosting Mr. Stebbing and his wonderful wife, Saundra. In fact, I had the joy and honor of not only participating with my girls but of coordinating the class as well, which gave us a bit of a chance to get to know the Stebbings personally. And we saw that, beyond their obvious artistic and teaching talents, they both love the Lord immensely and are simply delightful to be with.

Within the class, Mr. Stebbing masterfully instructed nearly 100 participants of all ages in a wide variety of drawing and painting techniques over the course of three days, encouraging kids and parents alike that "doing art" is possible for all. I know a number of picture-smart kids were inspired to continue developing their God-given abilities - in fact, my girls spent the rest of each day after class drawing and painting at home and were thrilled when I allowed each to purchase one of Mr. Stebbing's art books - and that those who'd previously been intimated by art felt empowered to continue studying and practicing. As a matter of fact, I'm certain a whole lot more art will be going on within our community's homeschool families as a result of Mr. Stebbing's presence here with us. And for our family - Jeff got to participate on the third day, too - this experience will surely stand as a long-term highlight of our overall home learning adventure.

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