Gushing, Proud Aunt!

Today marked the culmination of more than eight years of very hard work for my nephew, Sam, and his parents: my brother Tom and his wife Melisa. Today my nephew added his name to an exclusive list that includes the likes of Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, Henry Aaron, and Gerald Ford. Today he joined a "club" comprised of less than 1% of all men in this nation.

Today Sam became an Eagle Scout!
Words cannot express the pride that welled up within me as I watched him receive his Eagle Scout kerchief and pin and listened to his well-prepared, well-delivered acceptance speech. And I'm also unbelievably proud of Tom and Melisa because I know they've poured their lives into Sam so he could achieve this goal and many others. They truly exemplify the sacrificial love all parents should have for their kids.
Today also marks the beginning of a new journey for Sam. He's reached the highest honor the Boy Scouts have to offer, but he knows this is just one stepping stone in his life. And now he embarks - at just 15 years of age - on the next phase of his adventure. Sam loves scouting, his community, his extended family, and his parents. But most of all, he loves the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength, and it's for that reason above all else that I know his life will always serve as a shining example to all who have the pleasure of knowing him.

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