Welcome, Jill Savage Readers!

If you're visiting BEING MADE NEW after having read my recent guest post on the Hearts at Home website and Jill Savage's blog, welcome! I was deeply humbled when my dear friend Dr. Kathy Koch of Celebrate Kids recommended my column to Jill. And I really still can't believe that Jill - whom God uses to minister to thousands of women every year - chose to publish it; in fact, if you were sitting across from me over coffee or tea, I'd ask you to pinch me to make sure I wasn't dreaming!

I'm also humbled that you've chosen to take time to click here from Jill's blog. I know from first-hand daily experience that moms are incredibly busy, so I cherish the fact that you've decided to spend some of your hard-earned discretionary time visiting "my place." If you decide to follow BEING MADE NEW after browsing around, I'll be humbled anew.

As my tagline states, my focus here is to reflect on life as I see it from my perspective as an "ordinary, imperfect follower of of the amazing, one-and-only Savior, Jesus Christ." As such, I write on a wide variety of topics - personal growth, parenting experiences, homeschooling, and relevant social issues, to name a few - from my position as an adopted child of God on the lifelong journey of "being made new" in Christ's image. My aim is personal transparency - "being real" - and my hope is that, though I'm a work in progress, my readers will be encouraged and God will ultimately be glorified.

I'd love to know you were here, so please leave a comment telling me something about yourself and how Hearts at Home and Jill Savage have ministered to you.


Jill Savage said...

Tina, great post today! Loved having you on my blog.

Lizette said...

I dropped by Jill's blog and left you a message. Thanks for the great inspiration, as always.

Sarah said...

Hi there! You have a lovely blog. :) Thanks for introducing yourself on mine. Funny that I would find your blog today of all days because Jill Savage was one of the women who first ministered to me in stay-at-home motherhood. I read her book "Professionalizing Motherhood" a decade ago and the heart of it has stayed with me even today.

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