IN BRIEF: October, 2012

Yes, we're nearing the end of November. However, I remembered a couple of days ago that I never posted a summary of our October activities. So, for consistency's sake and in the spirit of "better late than never," here goes:

Since August, we've been enjoying our study of the various systems of the human body using the Answers in Genesis God's Design for Life series and The Body Book by Donald M. Silver. We were very busy in October, learning much about the muscular, nervous, and digestive systems. As you can see, the girls made a number of detailed, paper models, which really helped them understand different aspects of anatomy and physiology.
Muscles - How They Contract
The Nervous System - Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves
The Nervous System - Components of the Brain
The Five Senses
Eye Anatomy
Ear Anatomy
Anatomy of the Tongue
The Digestive System - Adding It into Previously-Assembled Skeletons
Tooth Anatomy

Each of the girls also completed another literature book and book project. As usual, they summarized their books while sharing their projects with the rest of the family.

Beyond traditional academics, the girls joined a couple others their age in a weekly art class offered by a member of our homeschool association who has taught at the college level and also started a new season of dance at the Y. We also found time to visit Mulberry Lane Farm, one of our favorite area destinations, with Leah and a few other families from our homeschool group.

Besides all that, we welcomed a new little one to Teachers' Tots Child Care. Olivia isn't actually a teacher's child, but her mom's part-time work schedule is similar to teachers' hours, so it'll be a good fit in that way. And Olivia did well here during a couple of trial days - her calm, easy-going temperament reminds me of Leah and her big sister, Anna, as babies - so I expect a good fit in terms of adding her into our daily routine as well.

Two other significant events were the girls' forays into entrepreneurship and our nephew Sam's Eagle Scout ceremony. And, of course, the girls enjoyed as much time as possible outside while the weather was good.

Photo Credit: sweetlavendarbakeshoppe

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