First Day Fun

Today is the first weekday of our Christmas/Year-End Hiatus. As the first day when we'd normally be doing bookwork but are not, it's a special occasion - made even nicer for the girls by God's gift of a bit of snow yesterday afternoon and through the night. Though friends to the west got socked with at least a foot, we only have a couple of inches. But that didn't stop the girls from taking advantage of it right after breakfast and morning chores.
I think we will probably work on a Christmas-themed lapbook project over the next few weeks, but I decided to take it easy today. So, though Rachel and Abigail have piano lessons this afternoon, the rest  of the day is open-ended. And, not surprisingly, they've been upstairs most of the morning - in between a few trips down to play with Leah - engaged in some of their many imaginative games.
As for Leah, she's being her usual sweet, content self - taking special interest today in her peg toys and in building tall Lego towers...along with hauling around her ever-present "babies." Honestly, this child is an amazing blessing to me - and to the girls. She's incredibly easy-going and truly fills our days with joy. And, though I feel guilty saying this while thinking of friends who struggle to homeschool while also juggling the needs of toddlers, she really doesn't add one ounce of angst to our home-learning endeavors. Of course, I certainly know how lucky/blessed I am in that regard.
And today I've enjoyed giving her a special treat of her own: time to watch the Boz Christmas movie, A WowieBOZowee Christmas. Most mornings, Rachel and Abigail are working on their studies, so the TV must stay off. And Leah either goes home right after lunch or naps in the afternoon. So, though I think it might be a rather regular "holiday occurrence" for the next couple of weeks, it's rare that I get to "spoil" her with a preschool-focused movie. Of course, she didn't sit in front of it for its entire 45-minute run - she went off few times to grab books and play with her pegs - but she came back to watch every so often, especially when she heard singing.
Tomorrow will be busier because Baby Olivia will be here. But maybe - just maybe - I may actually have time to pull out that scrapbooking I keep mentioning...and/or catch up on our current-but-much-neglected portfolio blog. Given a few minutes, I can actually think of many things I could do with my more open-ended schedule for the next few weeks, so maybe I should start by making a list and setting priorities. Off to grab a paper and pencil...

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Homeschooling6 said...

How nice to take some time off from homeschooling. We so need to do this. Love the pictures.

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