IN BRIEF: November, 2012

Yes, it's only been a week since I shared our October activities. But November is officially over now, so it's already time for another monthly summary.

And we actually reached a major milestone in our home learning endeavors right at the beginning of the month, completing our study of The Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection.  We began the book in September, 2011, with great anticipation after I went through a curriculum "crisis of faith," and we've not been disappointed. In fact, we enthusiastically jumped right into MOH Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages, and plan to continue through all four volumes.
In addition to the readings and a wide variety of activities suggested throughout the book, I had the girls write brief narrations after every three lessons. And, once we finished the text, I compiled the narrations into bound books which will serve as the girls' reminders of our studies. 
In science, we continued our study of the human body, taking time to learn about the circulatory, respiratory, integumentary, and urinary systems. Here you see models we made of the components of blood, the skin, and a kidney. Throughout our study, we especially enjoyed making paper models from a wonderful resource, The Body Book by Donald M. Silver.
And each of the girls also completed another literature book and book project.
In addition to all our regular studies, weekly piano lessons and practice, and dance lessons that began in October, the girls have been taking a weekly art class for the past two months. A mom in our homeschool association, who is also a trained artist and art educator, teaches the classes in her home;  Rachel and Abigail have two classmates, which provides for a great teacher-student ratio. This past week, they completed this watercolor project:

Aside from home learning activities, the girls were thrilled to wake up one morning to the season's first measurable snowfall. It was literally only two inches, but they made the most of it - traipsing outside in their new boots and coats - and look forward to more. 

Of course, November also means Thanksgiving, and this year I hosted my husband's parents and sister. This turkey was probably only the second I've made in my entire (long) married life so I was a bit nervous - but it turned out really well, as did the rest of the meal, and our entire afternoon.
And two days later, we took a drive south for dinner and a tour of the Nutcracker Christmas display at the Paine Art Center with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. The place was decorated to the nines, and we enjoyed a brief performance of selected Nutcracker dances. But the girls most liked the hilarious actor playing Drosselmeyer, who served as our tour guide.

Last night, the girls helped me set up our Advent calendar bulletin board, and we'll now switch gears into "the Christmas season" - just in time for December.

Photo Credit: BasketMakers

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Stacie said...

Aww, I really enjoyed this post!
I've heard great things about Mystery of History and I am considering it next year for my oldest daughter--we'll see!

I love the skin models your girls made.

Your girls' birds are great, too! I always like to see how different the same art project ends up being between my children!

Well, happy December and Merry Christmas to you!

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