Dr. Ben Carson in the Spotlight

Last July, I was privileged to have my nomination of the renowned Dr. Ben Carson accepted into the Creation Science Hall of Fame. And now this week Dr. Carson is garnering attention in another way as a result of giving what has been referred to as an "epic speech" at this year's White House National Prayer Breakfast.

Of course, I don't know Dr. Carson personally. But I'm even more proud to be a supporter than I was before. I love that he calls out the folly and evil of political correctness and then proceeds to speak very common sense, non-PC truth about the state of this nation. He is right in everything he says here.

Over the last few days, a fledgling "Ben Carson for President" movement has sprung up, and I think it's a wonderful idea. We're more than due for another non-lawyer, non-politician as president. And Dr. Carson himself didn't dismiss the possibility, saying in at least one interview that he'd consider running for president if God "grabbed him by the collar." So how about all of us who love this nation and seek to see it return to its freedom-loving, limited government, constitutionally-governed roots start praying today for some Divine collar-grabbing?!


Stacie said...

"Divine collar grabbing" . . .LOL! That's too cute, Tina! I haven't yet had the chance to watch the video, but I'm so glad that you posted about this because I'd forgotten to watch it earlier in the week. Thanks for sharing!

keeperofmyhome said...

Thanks for posting this. Loved the speech...and the expression on Obama's face. Never heard of the guy until you posted this. I'm so clueless.
Debra G

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