THIS YEAR'S MUST-READ BOOK: A Review and an Amazing Opportunity for Freebies

Have you ever read a book you wished you could buy for every single one of your friends?

I've read lots of books over the years and regularly recommend particularly good titles to others. In fact, if you've known me for any length of time, you realize that I won't hesitate to advocate for a book I feel will benefit someone. But I've never run across a book I believed all of my women friends would relish reading - until now.

No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage is that book.

I really do feel this title is 2013’s must-read book for every mom alive, whether your kids are babies, teens, or in between, and no matter how you choose to educate them. In fact, women who aren’t moms – whether married or single – can benefit from much of Jill's wisdom, too. Simply put, this book will minister to every woman who fears that she “doesn’t measure up.”

In No More Perfect Moms, Jill examines all the major areas in which women can struggle with feelings of inadequacy: as parents, wives, and friends; in our physical appearance; as homemakers and managers of our homes. With compassion, humor, and amazing personal transparency, she helps readers see the root causes of such struggles and then shares realistic, practical remedies to enable us to begin growing past our insecure, unattainable quests for perfection. She also explains how choosing to rest in God’s perfection is the ultimate antidote for our “perfection infections.”

As a recovering perfectionist, I loved this book. I felt...
  • encouraged as I was reminded of areas in which I’ve largely overcome perfectionism;
  • strengthened in my ability to accept my imperfections;
  • empowered with Jill’s practical tools to continue on the journey toward living a life of love and freedom.

I plan to do one or more book studies with this book and to buy it as a gift for many friends and relatives. In fact, I may even purchase it in bulk to hand out to acquaintances and random strangers who look as if they could use a boost. I'm not being hyperbolic. It really is that good.


And now - for this week only - you have an opportunity to receive a big bonus with your purchase of the book.

Simply buy No More Perfect Moms - online or at a store (and, yes, electronic versions such as Kindle and Nook count, too) - anytime between February 3rd and 9th. Then send a copy of your receipt (scan it or take a picture) to NoMorePerfectMoms@moody.edu and you'll be given access to well over $100 worth of resources to help you on your mothering journey - absolutely free!

What will you receive?

6 Sixty-Minute Audio Workshops (MP3 format) from Hearts at Home:
  • Desperate for Wisdom - Dr. Juli Slattery
  • How to Fight for Your Marriage - Dr. Juli Slattery
  • It is Well with Your Soul - Jennifer Rothschild
  • Multiple Intelligences - Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs - Jill Savage
  • The God Who Sees You- Tammy Maltby

4 Printables from Hearts at Home:
  • 10 Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs
  • “Love Is” - I Corinthians 13 for Parents
  • Mom Rules
  • How to Fight Fair in Marriage

3 Free E-books (including PDF, Kindle, iPad, and Nook editions!) from Moody Publishers:

1 Contest Entry:
You will be entered in a drawing to win hotel accommodations and two Hearts at Home Mom Conference registrations for you and a friend at a conference of your choice! (Or, if unable to attend a conference, a Hearts at Home Conference To-Go will be substituted for the winner and a friend.)

This offer is available for this week only (February 3-9)! So purchase a copy of No More Perfect Moms, scan your receipt, email it, and start enjoying your new book PLUS all of the extra bonuses you’ll receive!

It’s “Mom University” delivered right to your computer!


FULL DISCLOSURE: Since I was privileged to be chosen as part of the No More Perfect Moms Launch Team, I received a copy of the book for free. However, I was not compensated in any other way, and I know without a doubt that I'd have written this same review even if I'd purchased it on my own. 

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Dana Lambert said...

This looks so good! I ordered mine today! Can't wait for the extra goodies. Thanks so much for sharing, Tina.

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