Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with a Birthday Celebration

After our very full sabbath week, we jumped back into our regular studies on Monday and proceeded rather well with scheduled bookwork. We did end up taking an unexpected additional day off on Tuesday because the girls' friend Anna - Leah's sister - needed a place to come when her school district called a "snow day" while the district where her mom works remained in session. We didn't mind helping out, though, because we miss Anna after having had her with us every day for almost six years. And, although I believe in being diligent about academics, I also embrace the flexibility homeschooling affords us.

We had another playdate on Thursday afternoon, too - this time with some new friends - when we went over to the home of one of the ladies in one of my book clubs. Denise has a 10-year old daughter and nine-year old son, and, Melissa, another book club member, brought her two boys, ages nine and six. I had to shake my head again at the "lack of socialization" myth that plagues homeschoolers because those six kids connected instantly and played all afternoon as if they'd known each other for years. I really wish the general public would understand - once and for all - that it really doesn't take sitting in a little box of a room with 25 same-aged peers for seven hours a day 180 days a year to teach kids how to get along with others. Not holding my breath, of course, but I can dream, can't I?

I had a full week of "socialization" myself: attending a rather difficult but ultimately beneficial meeting at church on Monday night; hosting one of my monthly book clubs on Tuesday evening; enjoying a "talk date" with two friends on Thursday afternoon (while our kids played together); sharing about homeschooling with a small group of MOPS moms on Thursday night; and meeting on Saturday morning with three dear friends with whom I've been doing monthly Bible study for about a year and a half. I don't usually like to be so busy, but sometimes it's unavoidable. And - the Monday meeting excepted because it had a different purpose - I had a great time at each gathering. I especially cherish the times I get to share with others about homeschooling, and I'm excited that God seems to be opening more and more doors for me on that path.

All of that aside, though, the biggest event of our week definitely happened on Thursday, when our precious Leah - the sweet girl I've been privileged to babysit for essentially her whole life - turned two years old. We celebrated with her family and other friends today at her house, but we also marked her actual birthday on Thursday with some of her favorite foods for lunch (macaroni and cheese, cucumbers, and peaches) and birthday cupcakes.
You know that mom thing where we feel that our hearts are walking around outside our bodies in the form of our kids? Yeah, well, I've got the same thing for my two quasi-nieces, Leah and Anna. I am blessed.

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Homeschooling6 said...

Leah is so cute!!! Love her pig-tails. Happy Birthday Lea.

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