Weekly Wrap-Up: The Sabbath Week with Very Little Rest

A week ago on Saturday night, I was getting ready to write a wrap-up post for February 3 to 9 when one email changed my planned trajectory for that evening and most of this past week - our first scheduled home learning sabbatical of this calendar year. To make a long story short, a credible message indicated that my debit card had been hacked and that money had been stolen from our bank account.

Needless to say, that threw me into a tizzy - and forced me to spend many hours working to get the situation resolved. So instead of diving into the scrapbook projects I'd intended to tackle in my free time, I immersed myself in fixing our finances.
Though I don't know if the thieves have actually been located, the good news is that my account was secured and my money was refunded. And the great news is that God demonstrated Genesis 50.20 in a mighty way through the process. Specifically, He turned things around so that what could have really hurt us financially will actually result in major blessing instead. In fact, it's clear to me from details I won't share here that the hacking incident was His way of affirmatively answering my requests for help in that area of our lives. Yes, God's ways seem odd to us at times - but I cannot deny His hand in this even if I wanted to try. So - despite all the unexpected time I had to give to the situation - I am beyond grateful.

I had other busy-ness, too - most of it planned but still time-consuming. First, I prepared for and hosted a small group of business people in my home on Tuesday afternoon, allowing them to interview me about homeschooling. Then I hosted one of my book clubs on Tuesday evening, holding the meeting in my home instead of at the bookstore where we've met in previous months. And I helped my daughters prepare for their 2nd Annual Mid-Winter Tea Party and Sleepover, for which they hosted nine girls in our home from yesterday at dinner time until today after lunch.

Add to all of that an unexpected trip to the dentist for myself on Monday morning, a homeschool association board meeting on Monday afternoon, and six-month dental checkups for the girls on Thursday morning - in addition to all the regular work that goes into being a mom, babysitter, and homemaker - and it's really no wonder - on Saturday night almost exactly a week to the hour after getting that ominous email - that I'm exhausted and don't feel I've had much of a sabbath week at all.

I'm not complaining. Actually, this week was chock full of blessings. The book club meeting was very uplifting; my damaged tooth was repaired quickly at no cost and the girls' checkups were very encouraging; I felt good about the interview; the party was a blast; and, of course, God turned a curse into a blessing. Plus, this all happened when we'd planned to take a break from our bookwork. So, especially as I dealt with all the financial stuff, I didn't have the pressure of trying to squeeze in academics with the girls or feel as if I'd "fallen behind." So it's all good. But have you ever felt you needed a vacation from your vacation? That's how I'm feeling today...even though I'm smiling as my eyelids droop.

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One Christian Mom said...

I absolutely need a vacation from my vacation! I just got back from mine, and I am absolutely exhausted. It sounds like God was definitely working in your family's lives this past week though. We don't always understand, but He is always there, working what could have been evil for good. :)
God Bless!
PS - I just finally got back to blogging. I am so glad you are still blogging, too. Gonna sit down and read, read, read!

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