Weekly Wrap-Up: A Busy Season

I've been running at full-tilt for three weeks now, starting with our latest sabbath week from homeschool lessons. During that week, I:

  • devoted many hours to resolving an unexpected financial situation;
  • used the financial scare as motivation to develop a detailed family budget for the rest of this year;
  • scheduled an emergency dental visit for myself and took the girls to their six-month checkups;
  • ran the girls to piano lessons and musical rehearsal;
  • attended a homeschool association board meeting;
  • hosted a small group of business people in my home to discuss homeschooling - which included a few hours of prep-work ahead of time;
  • led a meeting for one of my book clubs;
  • wrote a column for Celebrate Kids;
  • secured my plane ticket for the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati in April;
  • helped the girls prepare for and pull-off their annual sleepover event

I was so thankful we had scheduled a break from our lessons; I have no idea how I would have managed that on top of everything else. As it was, the girls didn't practice piano as they should have, mostly because I could not take time to help them as I usually do. They also didn't do the extra math lessons they'd said they wanted to work on despite our break. And I didn't set foot near my scrapbooking table even though I'd originally planned to spend much of my sabbath week "free time" catching up.

The week after that, of course, we did get back to our lessons. But I also:

  • continued to work on our finances;
  • took Abigail (with Rachel and Leah in tow) to doctor and chiropractor appointments to treat an earache;
  • wrote a piece for Worthy of the Prize;
  • emailed the girls' piano teacher to explain that we would skip the week's lessons because the girls had barely practiced the week before;
  • attended a productive but overly long meeting at church;
  • adjusted our schedule so our friend Anna could stay with us when her school district called a snow day;
  • hosted the ladies in my other book club - who stayed until 11:00 PM;
  • celebrated Leah's birthday;
  • had a "talk date" with two friends while our kids spent an afternoon playing together;
  • spoke about homeschooling to a small group of moms from a local MOPS chapter - which involved a few hours of prep-time as well;
  • wrote my first guest post for Hip Homeschool Moms - scheduled to run on March 8;
  • spent a morning with the ladies in my "Core4" group.

And this past week, as we continued with a full slate of formal bookwork, I also:

  • attended Leah's official birthday party;
  • kept working on our finances, hoping - in vain - that all the loose ends would finally be tied up by week's end;
  • ran the girls to piano lessons, art class - a double-length lesson to make up for snow days of our own - and musical rehearsal;
  • picked up Anna from her school 30 minutes from here and took her to dance class;
  • wrote another Celebrate Kids article;
  • went to dinner with a new friend to answer her questions about homeschooling;
  • hosted Anna here for an afternoon when her school had yet another snow day;
  • went to dinner with a dear, "old" friend to catch up and help her work through a tough situation;
  • spent an evening at church running video for worship team rehearsal during the same time that Jeff had a missions committee meeting...so the girls had to come along and camp out in the lobby for a couple of hours with our portable DVD player;
  • hosted a mom and her two young kids to answer her questions about homeschooling;
  • took one car in for a much-needed oil change;
  • held down the fort while Jeff went to two different missions meetings;
  • went shopping for flying monkey wings (i.e., part of the girls' costumes for the musical) and supplies for their art class;
  • prepared and filed our taxes.

Through all of this, I've also been trying to keep up with the homemaking schedule I implemented back in January - basically doing one "big" chore around the house each day - and my personal wellness goals. I've managed the former pretty well most days. But, unfortunately, my daily devotions and exercise time have suffered, and I've not been as diligent about my nutrition as I should be. Plus, I've been burning the midnight oil way too many days in a row, sacrificing sleep. As a result, I was bitten by a nasty little cold bug late in the week, and I hit an emotional wall yesterday afternoon.

I felt better today after sleeping late. So I accomplished a lot, including the last four things on this week's list, cleaning a bathroom I didn't get to yesterday, and doing some prep-work on next week's lessons.

But, as I look forward to the coming week, I'm afraid it seems nearly as full as the previous three. In addition to homeschooling and homemaking, I'll:

  • run video for both services tomorrow morning;
  • attend a farewell reception for one of our wonderful interim pastors;
  • hopefully - finally! - get to chat on the phone with a dear friend I haven't spoken to in weeks;
  • hopefully - finally! - get the last bits of the financial thing squared away;
  • write two articles - one for Broken Within Ministries and another for the women's ministries newsletter at my church;
  • run the girls to piano, art, and musical rehearsal again;
  • take them to dance class, too, even though Jeff usually does that, because it's "picture day" and they may need my help with costuming;
  • attend another "Core4" meeting.

And that's just what I know about now...not to mention all that I'm aware of later this month, which includes an opportunity to speak at a regular MOPS meeting and at a homeschool curriculum fair, as well as Jeff's trip to Trinidad, during which time I'll be a "single mom" for about a week.

I know that some "seasons" are like this - unavoidably busy - and I know God has carried me through the last three weeks and will continue to do so. But I have to get better about my personal wellness - all four big components - if I'm going to be able to sustain this pace while it lasts. Taking care of my soul and body is akin to filling up the gas tank in our van and taking it in for that oil change; the car simply will not continue to go without it. I also know that the other things will fall into place - and the busy-ness will seem much less crazy - if I purpose to do the most important thing of all each day: spend a bit of focused, quality time with my Lord. In fact, my husband preached an amazing sermon about that very thing last Sunday, and I need to take his wisdom to heart...and then put feet on it, too.

With that in mind, I'm off to bed - albeit already after midnight - so I can start my Sunday the right way.

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