Mini-Hiatus Musings

I took a much-needed mini-hiatus from social media this past weekend. I did scan through my reader and enjoyed a few of the many posts from blogging friends that I've missed in my busy-ness over the past few months. I also took a few minutes here and there to scan the new posts in my Facebook group and to approve people's requests to join - we gained a net of 14 new members since Friday evening. And I scrolled my regular Facebook feed a few times as well because Facebook is set as my internet home page and I didn't want to change that. But I didn't stay long and I refrained from posting or commenting. I even shut off notifications from all the groups to which I belong so I received a fraction of the emails I usually get over the course of three days.

And, though it was hard at times to keep from posting a status or commenting on threads in my group, it was really good for me. I'm so pleased with what God has enabled me to accomplish through The Educational Freedom Coalition (TEFC) over the past three months because I know it's helping homeschool parents. But it's time-consuming and tiring to keep up with the queries, responses, and questions - and exhausting to manage the occasional "drama." So resting from the clamor was good. In fact, I enjoyed the "silence" so much that I'm only going to reactivate the emails from my group; I can see what I want from the others in my news feed. And I'm planning to begin taking every Sunday off from TEFC business so I don't get so worn out going forward.

I've also learned that I need to recalibrate my activities Monday through Saturday. Thankfully, I've not let my time and relationships with the girls suffer much - whether with homeschool stuff or other parts of being their mom - but the TEFC project has gotten me off-balance in many other ways. That's not good of course, and I know that none who are involved in my group would want that for me. I need to get back to my regular workouts at the Y...to start cooking dinner for my family again...to blog about our day-to-day lives instead of only managing to meet my deadlines for guest-posts and other outside assignments...to catch up on my scrapbooking and portfolio blogs...to rest in the afternoon when I'm tired and get to bed before midnight...to sit down for time with the Lord every day instead of (gulp) once a quarter...

I didn't really do much of that over the weekend - I was simply too tired to do much of anything, and the time flew by much too quickly. But I at least had the time and energy to reflect on and realize my needs.

So today is a new day and the end of my hiatus. I wanted to start the morning as I used to - with an early-morning trip the Y followed by time with Lord before the girls got up - but the alarm on my little bedside clock has apparently died since I last used it so that didn't work out. Nevertheless, I will make time for Lord this morning and for exercise later today...and get myself a new clock as well so I'll be without excuse going forward. Beginning my days with those two activities always set a balanced, positive tone in my spirit before, and that's what I'm most in need of reclaiming.

I've just turned my TEFC notifications back on, and I'll work to catch up with any pertinent conversations and update our lists as I'm able through the day. No doubt, things will get busy again. But, if I can just keep my priorities in the right order, I'll be okay.

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