Getting Past Myth to Reality: The Truth about Homeschooled Kids

Every time I read an article about homeschooling in a mainstream publication, the uninformed "trolls" come out of the woodwork and rant about every "problem" they see with homeschooling (based solely, of course, on the one "awkward," supposedly-homeschooled child each has known in his or her life). This happens even if the piece itself is fair and accurate and presents data and other evidence. Similarly, though I hear lots of positive comments - just the other day, several employees at my daughters' dental office had nothing but good to say about homeschooling - plenty of people still wonder about independent home education (i.e., home-based learning not controlled and subsidized by the state), in terms of academics and the much-misunderstood concept of "socialization."

We'll never convince the diehards who - for one reason or another - simply don't want to consider truth. But it's still good to present the facts as often as possible because exposure to reality eventually gets through to most people. As such, I wanted to share this infographic upon which I stumbled today; it presents the truth clearly and succinctly.

The one note I would make about the information shared here is to clarify that the inclusion of some data (on the U.S. maps just below) about "virtual public school" enrollment is misplaced in this piece. I know for certain (based on my own research) that all the other data reflect reality about independent homeschools - i.e., those operating with no "help" from government subsidies. And, in fact, virtual public school-at-home is not homeschooling according to legal definitions in nearly every state. So it's worth noting that the statistics in the rest of the piece do not include virtual public school-at-home data, which is collected by public school districts, not homeschool researchers. In other words, the successes and strengths described throughout this piece actually reflect only those kids educated without any form of government "assistance."

So take a look...and share this with others who need to get past the myths and into reality:

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

Source: TopMastersInEducation.com

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