Welcome to the World, Little Cora Ann!

I've done in-home childcare for most of the last 10+ years, watching some 18 children other than my own in that timeframe. I've had a variety of situations and remember fondly my relationships with most of the kids and their parents.

But one family stands out from all the rest.

I cared for the oldest, Anna, from the time she was just eight weeks old until she left for kindergarten when she was nearly six. I still watch her occasionally when needed. I've had the middle sister, Leah, since she was about 12 weeks old and continue to treasure my daily time with her now as she nears her third birthday.

Early on during Anna's time with me, my relationship with her parents grew into a friendship. And we share a common faith, which makes our connection that much stronger. In fact, I consider the girls to be my nieces - as they are, spiritually speaking.

I also opted more than a year ago to serve - for all intents and purposes - as their private nanny, closing up shop as a regular care provider to anyone else. And in my role as friend and quasi-aunt, we took the girls in over a weekend about a year ago when their precious pre-born sibling, Jesse, went to be with the Lord, and invited them to stay with us during their mom's hospital stay this week to give birth to their little sister.

My girls and I had the privilege of meeting Cora Ann on her birthday yesterday. Today we got to take turns holding her for a good long time, and I silently prayed a blessing over her as well.
The only "bad" thing about her birth is that she and Leah won't come to my house regularly during their mom's maternity leave, which lasts until the middle of February. We'll miss Leah something fierce! But we're already looking forward to her return and to the advent of Cora's time with us.

In the meantime, I'll continue to thank God for Cora's safe arrival and for the gift of this wonderful family's friendship.

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Stacie said...

How sweet! Congrats to the family and God bless!

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