A Nice Surprise

Top-Ten-Best-VarietyDuring The Homeschool Post's 2013 Blog Awards contest last fall, I focused on promoting my database, The Educational Freedom Coalition, which (happily) ended up winning for Best Current Events, Opinion and/or Politics Blog. I didn't want to win for personal gain, but I was thrilled to get the nod because it gave me a platform to spread the word about the database to more homeschoolers.

In focusing my attention on the database, though, I forgot that this blog, Being Made New, had been nominated for Best Variety. But this week I learned - quite by accident - that I was a Top Ten winner in that category!

I need to get back to writing here more regularly - I miss sharing about our daily lives and posting my reflections about various aspects of home education. Perhaps this week's nice surprise will be good motivation.

1 comment:

Erika said...

Congratulations Tina!

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