The Girls' October Essays

It seems like just yesterday, I was sharing the girls' September essays - and now it's already time for October's!

Rachel's piece for the month, The Beginning, was birthed from our history studies in Volume 3 of The Mystery of History. She has posted it here on her blog.

Abbie continued her theme of short, meaningful legends. I share it here since she doesn't have another publishing venue:
The Magic Garden
Once upon a time there was a magic garden. The roses, violets, lilies and many other flowers were the homes of fairies and elves.
Only one person knew about the garden. Her name was Hilda, and she was a princess. Every day she played in the garden and the fairies and elves danced with her. 
But one day she was grown up and it was time for her to become queen. She was horrified when she hurried to the garden but found it gone.

She was miserable for weeks until she realized that it was now a new stage in her life. But as long as she kept the garden in her heart, it would never be gone.

Photo Credit: John 

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