The Girls' November Essays

The pieces the girls chose to publish from among their November freewrites both point to Christmas in one way or another. Rachel's reflection - Love the Unlovedis once again published on her blog, One Girl's Words with Meaning; please click here to read it, and consider leaving her a comment.

Abbie got to thinking about aspects of the Christmas story and picked this essay to publish:
Once a long time ago there was a king. He lived in the far east and he studied the stars. 
One day he was gazing up at the stars when all of a sudden a new star appeared. He looked at it and realized it was more splenderous than any other star. 
He and two of his friends who were also kings studied charts but found no reason for the star. Then all of a sudden the first king, Balthasar, said, “It proclaims the birth of my Lord. Will you come with me to find him?” They consented and brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to their newborn king.

Photo Credit: Riccardo Francesconi

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