Happy 2nd Birthday to My "Twin Boys"

Several years ago - perhaps when the girls were seven and eight - I had a dream that I'd given birth to twin sons. In the dream, they were young toddlers, and I was trying to juggle their needs with everything else. I remember feeling both exhilarated and exhausted. And when I woke up, I thought, "Wow. What if that really happens?"

In a way, it has.

Two years ago today - late at night on March 8, 2013 - I launched a Facebook group that has since become The Christian Homeschool Oasis (CHO). And since I'd intended to create a space where my friends could gather to wrangle with the unexpected discovery that some well-known homeschool materials had chosen to align with common core, it only made sense that the precursor to The Homeschool Resource Roadmap (HRR) was "born" a few days later - a belated twin, but a twin nonetheless.

I'm not equating social media and websites with children; obviously, the former are expendable, and the latter are gifts from God. And I want to be careful not to overspiritualize. But I've actually had a few other dreams that I could see in hindsight had clearly previewed later real-life events. And, scripturally speaking (Genesis 37, 40, 41; Daniel 2; Matthew 1, 2), we certainly know God sometimes does choose to speak via dreams. So I don't want to discount the possibility either...and it makes for a neat analogy!

In any case, I certainly have spent the last two years doing what I can to juggle CHO's and HRR's needs with everything else in my life, just as in my dream. Sometimes I've been rather successful and sometimes not...just as if they were real babies born into an already bustling household. And just like in this photo, when one is giggling, the other may be screaming.

They both tend to keep me up late into the night, and they've definitely needed lots of hands-on care. They've even caused me to temporarily set some of my favorite activities on a back burner, though now that they're a little older, I've been working those endeavors back into my schedule. Each has had his fair share of temper tantrums, even to the point every now and then of derailing a whole day's plans with my daughters. And each has definitely thrown up on me multiple times!

But they've also brought great joy. CHO is incredibly social; he's always talking...even when I'm so tired I'll collapse if I don't go to bed! And he makes me smile and laugh far more often than not. HRR is more placid, but I know he blesses many people in his quiet way, and I'm thrilled to see how much he's grown.

In fact, they've both become very big boys! CHO currently has well over 5,000 members and gets bigger every day. HRR's Master Lists just hit the 2,400 mark with more added almost every week, and as of today he's had almost 160,000 site hits since he got his new look in February 2014. In fact, though CHO seems to be pretty stable for the time being - I have nine incredibly helpful "nannies" to help me there! - we're bracing for some significant changes with HRR in the coming months. In the end, he'll be far healthier than he is now - he's been a bit "croupy" for a few months now - but the process may just resemble the fits and starts of potty-training!

Obviously, my analogy only goes so far. If CHO and HRR were actual children, they'd be truly melded into the fiber of our family, and their needs would be just as important as those of my husband and daughters. Of course, that's not the case; they are expendable if they ever become too big to handle or cause me to lose sight of my priorities (i.e., caring for the needs of my family). But I'm thankful God has seen fit to bless me with them, and if they don't become too demanding I intend to continue doing my best to help them grow and thrive.


Monica said...

Great analogy Tina! And, thank you for everything you do for us "newbies". I find information and comfort daily from CHO. I couldn't survive as a homeschooler without the Roadmap. You have been a blessing in my life!

Dena said...

Thank you Tina! Thank you so very much for creating CHO (and it's predecessor that I knew), and The Roadmap. I've been so grateful for the counsel I've received and benefited from as I go through my first year of homeschooling my three children. Taking them out of public school was a huge decision and I have been so thankful to have the CHO group and The Roadmap to direct me. Blessing on you and your family for the future!!

sourpatchbaby said...

Thank you for creating CHO Tina!

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