No, I Won't "Help" You

Dear Fellow Wisconsin Homeschoolers:

I treasure being an advocate for homeschooling. And I love mentoring new homeschoolers, locally and beyond. I rejoice when parents understand that homeschooling is the best educational option, and I delight in helping folks get started well.

And it is precisely for that reason - i.e., that I want what's truly best for homeschoolers (not what might "feel good" to a few) - that I am unable to "help" you navigate the new "sports provision" that was unethically hidden in the latest state budget and then rammed through against the protestations of literally thousands of Wisconsinites. In fact, I have always - on principle - advocated against any homeschooler choosing to become entangled with government schools in any way. Such involvement on any level elevates an illegitimate institution and - even more importantly - jeopardizes the academic freedom of truly independent homeschoolers. Simply put, there's nothing worth having if the only way to get it is via the government schools.

Thus, I cannot in good conscience facilitate anyone's desire to become enmeshed with the system via school sports. In fact, because the "sports provision" is actually a Trojan Horse meant to ultimately kill the academic freedom of all Wisconsin homeschoolers, me "helping" someone to participate would be like aiding and abetting a person's suicide...while also knowing that he'd planted bombs set to blow up later and kill hundreds or thousands of other people. I cannot be a party to that.

I will always do anything I can to help families become and remain wholly independent of the system; fact is that the testimonials of hundreds and hundreds of Wisconsin families over the years prove that it's entirely possible for children to live rich, fulfilling lives without ever being on any government school roster for anything. No, not even football.

With that in mind, I would ask you to prayerfully consider reasons to simply choose to abstain from this new temptation to become involved with the government schools. The fact is that if no one pulls the pin on the grenade, it can't hurt any of us. Thus, please read this clear explanation of why entanglement is a bad idea; the WPA's accuracy can be trusted (in contrast to appeasement-oriented national organizations that do not understand or respect Wisconsin's homeschool laws and history).

If you understand and agree, please do whatever you can to encourage other Wisconsin homeschoolers to steer clear of the snare. And please let me know how I might help you on your homeschooling journey. If, on the other hand, you happen to think this provision is a valuable "perk," you're on on your own.



Nikki W. said...

Well said.

Kimberly said...

I agree! I am not from Wisconsin. In our state, North Dakota, I took the National Teacher's Exam over 20 years ago (YIKES! that's a long time ago!) so I could home school my then three children without having to be monitored. I could think of not much worse than having the government schools looking over my shoulder. Since then we have got the laws in one of the most restrictive states for home schooling changed for the better. Those three children have long since graduated from our home school and are living productive lives. I am still home schooling our youngest two, a son in 9th grade and a daughter in 5th. Such precious times that pass much too quickly. In all our years we have chosen to not be involved with the government schools and try to make time for home school get-togethers as we can.

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