Merry MESSIAHmas!

It's true that Jesus was very likely not born in December. And well-meaning folks of old chose a pagan day when deciding to encourage remembrance of the Incarnation...because they hoped to redeem it for God. Of course, that attempt has been mixed at best, and the emphasis now for too many people - even in the church - is, indeed, too commercial and too secular.

BUT what matters is that He WAS born! If He hadn't come, He could not have taken on our sins, and if He hadn't done that, we could not be saved.

Yes, we get the day wrong. And the history of our celebrations is "messy." But what really matters to God is what we each choose individually in terms of His message: God - through His Messiah - IS with us.


One person considers some days
more holy than others, 
while someone else regards them
as being all alike.
What is important is for each
to be fully convinced in his own mind.
He who observes a day as special
does so to honor the Lord.
Also he who eats anything,
eats to honor the Lord,
since he gives thanks to God;
likewise the abstainer abstains
to honor the Lord, and he too
gives thanks to God.

~ Romans 14.5-6 (CJB)

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