For My Friend "Concerned" about Homeschooling

Home-educating parents deal with criticism of one sort or another on a regular basis. Most of it's not a direct assault because most people - no matter where they're from - live by the principle of Midwest Nice, which says, "Don't say anything mean, but instead just 'tsk, tsk' when you see a 'problem' and then try to guilt the 'offending party' into changing." But the "concerned" friend, fellow church member, or relative is just as much a critic as the stranger who openly harangues us in the grocery store or online. They're just "killing" us with ill-informed, biased kindness instead of overt suspicion and presumption, but it's killing all the same.

I have been deeply appreciative of Pastor Voddie Baucham for a very long time. I love how - not unlike Dr. Ben Carson - he has allowed the Lord to turn a less-than-positive childhood right on its head, choosing to reject entitled victimhood in favor of Spirit-led personal responsibility. The man is seriously brilliant, and I cannot help but envision Jesus in empowered table-flipping mode whenever I watch or read him (Matthew 21.12).

And, thus, I share this link to a small snippet of one of Voddie's messages, posting it so I can direct my "concerned friends" here as needed. I've actually long gotten past the lie that says I have to justify my parenting choices to anyone. In fact, I know as deeply as I know anything that the only ones I answer to in that regard are God and my husband...because - biblically speaking - no one else's opinion matters one iota. No one. Not one. But this message - which you can purchase HERE to view in its beautiful entirety - is so good that I've decided I'd like to make the clip instantly accessible to anyone who might believe he or she has the right to question me. If you're really interested but aren't sure about buying your own copy, ask me, and I'll loan you mine.

If you are that person, I've asked you to watch the video because Pastor Voddie has summarized in one brief message the heart of the matter for most sold-out, Christian home-educating parents, including me. If you're willing to take the time to ponder Voddie's words, then you and I can talk because then and only then will you have the rudiments of a foundation from which to begin a meaningful discussion. Understand that you still won't have the authority to try to convince me against my convictions - plus, that would be a losing proposition on your part anyway - but at least we'll have some common ground on which to stand as we chat.

If you'd rather not watch - or if you start but decide you can't finish - that's okay. I'm more than happy to remain in relationship with you. Truly, I am. And I will not hold it against you in any way. I promise. However, please understand that you'll be forfeiting any legitimate right to engage me on the topic of my children's education. If you won't watch, you're inevitably coming at the topic of home education from an unfortunate collection of myths, half-truths, and outright lies - of foolish and dangerous presumptions - and I cannot disavow you of any of that more efficiently than Voddie can. You need his summary before I can make time on my calendar to go further on the topic. But if you can't watch, I need to insist - in love (Ephesians 4.15) - that you choose to bite your tongue and simply agree to disagree with me about the matter.

So, without further ado, here's the video clip. Again, it's only a very brief summary of an overview about home education, but I resonate with every word - as well as every word in the full message. These are the ideas that have planted me so firmly in my convictions and which motivate me to continue - to homeschool and to advocate strongly in favor of it - no matter what.

Again, a DVD, MP4, or Streaming Video copy of this message, along with Voddie's exhortation about "Getting Your House in Order," is available here. This endorsement is not written for affiliate purposes. I have no connection to either Pastor Voddie or The American Vision and am receiving no benefit or perk of any kind; I even purchased my own copy of the DVD. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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