A New Venture

I've started a new blog!

Actually, one of my dearest homeschool friends and I have started it together.

Nikki and I met online in a large national homeschool group back in early 2009, and we quickly realized we have far more than our "Irish Twin" kids in common. We're both passionate about homeschooling - about educating our own kids well, advocating for complete freedom for all private, independent homeschoolers, and encouraging others who are on the home education journey with us - and we see eye-to-eye about many other social/political issues as well. In fact, we've often found ourselves "dittoing" each other as we offer advice to fellow moms in the group we co-admin along with a handful of wonderful helpers, and I find great comfort in having such a kindred spirit just a few keystrokes away. So we've decided to take things a step further by collaborating on Ditto, She Wrote, where we plan to share ideas and insight from our combined 30+ years of parenting/home learning experience.

I'll still continue to blog here at Being Made New as well. In fact, I feel reinvigorated to begin posting more regularly. But I'll get back to using this space for personal reflection and save the more "instructive" material - the how-to's and whys about home education - for Ditto. As such, I'm in the process of migrating a few dozen previous posts over to Ditto, where I'm re-sharing them - often in slightly edited form - in hopes of encouraging more home educators. Nikki and I are alternating days as we populate Ditto, and we'll aim to write quite regularly going forward.

I hope you'll continue following me here and also join Nikki and me over there!


bubbebobbie said...

Blessings on this new adventure

Nikki W. (SAHMinIL) said...

Yay. It's going to be a fun adventure.

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