May It Ever Be So

My husband and daughters had a "date" at the local waterfowl preserve on Saturday. I could have gone along, but I like to facilitate daddy-daughter time...and I've been rather feverishly working on the super-deluxe upgrade to my resource website so staying back with a few windows open and my cats for companionship was a good call.

Among the photos he snapped was this one - which just melts my heart and instantly became my brand new (current) favorite.

This picture honestly does speak to the girls' relationship with each other. They have different interests, talents, and opinions - in fact, they delight in debating each other (sometimes all.day.long!) while mutually assuring me that their discussions really are good-natured banter and not argument - and they have other good friends. But throughout their lives and to this day, each instantly names the other when asked to identify her best friend.

That is not by accident...and it's not really of my doing so I'm not bragging. Their friendship is honestly and truly a big, fat "yes" from God to my earnest, daily prayers from before either was ever born. Yes, I prayed. And I've done what I can to facilitate their bond. But the work is ultimately His. So my expression of joy over their relationship is simply that...and a nod to 1 Corinthians 1.31:

Therefore, as it is written: "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord."

And to that end, I will continue to pray as David did - so that these precious girls of mine will always and forever have in each other a very best friend their whole lives long:

"...[W]ith Your blessing may the house of Your servant be blessed forever."
(2 Samuel 7.29b)

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