Spring Formal Time

The girls attended their first-ever spring formal last night.

Our homeschool association has been sponsoring this dance for about 15 years, and the girls have been looking forward to it since they first heard about it. We splurged a bit on fancy hairstyles and wrist corsages, though we'd been able to get beautiful, modest dresses from a friend who was selling her older daughters' gowns for a very modest price. It was fun to revisit the girls' childhood love of playing dress-up in a new way.
About 50 teens attended, including several of the girls' friends and acquaintances. In fact, we went down to our city's river deck to take pre-dance pictures with a couple of their best friends.
And then they enjoyed dancing and talking with everyone else in a wholesome, safe environment late into the night.
I still find it hard to believe that "my babies" are old enough for formal dances; as mindful as I aimed to be throughout their childhoods, the time really has raced by. But I continue to try enjoying each day and season of life with them as it comes, and I'm so incredibly thankful for the privilege God has given my husband and me in raising them for Him.

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